Welcome to Crafty Kitz

Are you looking for a new hobby?  Do you feel nervous about trying something different?  Perhaps you are a more experienced sewer but you would like to meet others or develop your own skills?

Crafty Kitz run a variety of sewing workshops and courses, 1:1 sewing tuition, and community ‘SEWcial’ clubs in the North East area. Sewing is not only great fun but it improves your wellbeing, lifts your mood, and makes you feel good!  Everyone can be a successful sewer – that’s why our motto is ‘YOU CAN MAKE IT’.

Crafty Kitz also offer affordable kits to help you along your sewing journey.

About Us

Our aim is to make crafting accessible to everyone.  Whether you buy one of our easy-to-follow kits, or join us at one of our friendly and relaxed workshops or sewing groups, we want to help sewers of all ages and abilities to build their skills and to be confident about transferring these to other projects – YOU CAN MAKE  IT!

 NEW for 2024

The Sewing Squad’ for 9-16 year olds

Neville Community Centre  2 places available 

Spennymoor Youth and Community Centre  2 places available


About Me

Hello!  I’m Karron, a former primary school deputy headteacher living in County Durham.  I enjoy anything creative and I especially enjoy sewing and working with fabrics.

I wonder if you’ve ever felt a little bit like me?

  • Have you ever bought crafting kits and books that are still sitting on a shelf unopened?
  • Have you ever started a project then given up because the instructions were unclear or too difficult to follow?
  • Is there a particular sewing skill or technique that you have always wanted to try but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you started a project, made a mistake and been unsure how to put it right?
  • Have you ever felt nervous about joining a new group or taking up a new hobby?

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Hands-On Crafting

Crafty Kitz provides face-to-face workshops in County Durham and organises community sewing groups to support local charities. Private sewing tuition is also available. We produce our own affordable sewing kits containing all of the materials you need together with illustrated, step-by-step instructions, and each kit contains a transferable ‘skill-builder’ that can be used in other projects. All Crafty Kitz customers will be given access to our Facebook community where you can share pictures of your makes or ask other crafters for help and advice.

Karron says …

“Crafting is so much more than just producing a final product. I have run many crafting and sewing classes over the years, for both adults and children of all ages, and it is extremely rewarding to see the pleasure and confidence that everyone gets from taking part in an activity and developing new skills together.

I also know from personal experience just how much sewing can lift your spirits, and make you feel better about yourself especially when you hit one of life’s bumps in the road! Sewing helps to reduce anxiety and distracts you from the stresses of everyday life, no matter what your skill level. It leaves you feeling happier and more positive, and it is great fun learning alongside others with similar interests. That’s why it’s important to have clear instructions and lots of encouragement because it is easy to feel disappointed or useless if things don’t work out as you’d planned.”

Remember ‘’YOU CAN MAKE IT!”